Thursday, July 19, 2012


Here are pics of the various mini-comics I made a few months ago. Supplies are limited so order today!

This one sells pretty well. I guess die-cuts impress people.

It's like a miniature school folder!

This takes forever to assemble because there're like 8 folds. I made 20 of these books on no sleep and was so delirious that I cut myself on some scissors. It was a bad scene.

It's the size of an actual NES instruction manual!

I've never seen a heart-shaped comic so that probably means I'm the only person who has ever made one.


  1. I love mini comics! Glad to see you are making some. What's the Mega Man 2 one about?

    1. It's just sketches of all the Mega Man 2 robot masters (plus Mega Man and Roll).