Social Media Graphics for Orange Conference 2016. 

Presentation slides for standard and wide formats.

Print advertisements.

Catalog illustrations.

Baseball card recreations.

Recreation of 1909 map built from scratch.

Full design and illustration for Where in the World,
published by the reThink Group.

Classroom Counting Poster

Monthly "widget"
game instruction card for
the reThink Group

Family Mechanics card game
for the reThink Group 

Amber Sky Records brochure

Orange Conference 2015 materials.

Comic for unpublished Criminal Records anthology.

Concert Posters.

Tribute band website. 

Hand-drawn logo for Serendipity Realty
annual Halloween festival.

Book cover design and illustration for A Very Long Engagement by Sébastien Japrisot.

Book cover design and illustration for Homes by Derek Kamal.

Album packaging design including disc artwork and insert.

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